The new school year is coming–but are students ready to learn?

In just four short weeks, public schools across Michigan will open their doors to a new school year—with new opportunities and challenges for students and staff alike. Tune in this Tuesday for the next Voices of Michigan Education, when we’ll look at what we can all do to ensure that students are ready to hit the ground running—and start their new classes on the right note. We’ll reveal tips and tricks to prevent everything from sleep deprivation to separation anxiety and show you the best way to get older students on track all on their own! VOME airs Tuesday night at 7 p.m. on WJR NewsTalk 760 and on Saturday on Michigan Talk Radio stations across the state.


Tune in to Voices of Michigan Education as we tap the wisdom of new retirees!

Thousands of Michigan teachers and other school employees retired this year–taking with them years of experience and expertise. But before they head off into retirement, several of them stopped by VOME to share their wisdom on what works in the classroom, what they might do differently and what needs to be done to help struggling schools and students. We’ll have some eye-opening conversations about the future of public school employees–and why now is the time to get involved in crafting your own profession. You’ll get a unique perspective on the state of education in Michigan–so tune in Tuesday, July 13th at 7 p.m. on WJR NewsTalk 760.

Resources mentioned on tonight’s show:

Here are some of the resources we talked about on our “summer slide” show–but there are many more. Contact your local library or local school for more information!

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools summer resources (compiled by Renee Valentine)

Jackson District Library summer reading program guide

Michigan Reads Summer reading contest!

June 24th rally for school funding

Tune in tonight when we discuss the”summer slide” and how to prevent it!

Students can lose up to a third of what they’ve learned over the summer—but there are ways to stop the summer slide and they can be a whole lot of fun. Join us tonight, June 8 from 7-8 p.m. on WJR when we hear great ideas from educators across the state, including Michigan’s newest Teacher of the Year. We’ll post some resources you can use with your own students–and we’d love to hear from you here–and on Facebook–about your own tricks of the trade. That’s tonight, on Voices of Michigan Education on WJR, NewsTalk 760.

School Employee Sacrifices

This month’s radio program will examine the sacrifices that MEA members statewide have made to help balance budgets in their local school districts. Education employees are often criticized for not doing their part — and this show will highlight the many ways teachers and educational support professionals have given back and taken concessions so that students can continue to get a good education. Tune in to WJR Newstalk 760 AM at 7 p.m. tonight and the program airs statewide on Saturday.

What sacrifices have you and your colleagues made in your school district? Please share your stories.

Listen tomorrow: Michigan schools are going green!

The trend is growing–schools across the state are going green–and it’s saving them plenty of “green” along the way. On Tuesday night’s “Voices of Michigan Education,” we’ll show you the unique ways educators are using eco-friendly initiatives to teach students and protect their local environment. You’ll hear from one of the newest schools to win the “Green Schools” designation, find out what it would take for your school to achieve that honor and learn about grant money and programs available to help you with everything from curriculum to solar energy projects!

“Voices of Michigan Education” airs tomorrow on WJR Newstalk 760 from 7-8 p.m. and on Saturday on stations across the state. See the home page at for a complete listing! And as always, let me know what you think–is “going green” in your future?

Wow–Michigan students read 10,000 books!

On our last show, we told you about the Michigan Reads program, where students could earn free Pistons tickets for every five books they read. The response has been overwhelming–kids across the state have been pouring through books! We’ve heard from students at every grade level in schools across Michigan. But the lucky reader who read the 10,000th book got a special prize. So who was it? Read all about it!

And now, we’ve got another way for the students in your life to read their way to winning.
This time it involves the Red Wings!