Sure, we can teach them to read, but how do we get them to LOVE it?

Are the students in your life bibliophibians or bibliophobians? Do they read because they have to or because they love to? February’s “Voices of Michigan Education” tackles all things reading related–from helpful new resources for struggling readers (remember The Electric Company? They’re all new, and they’re on our show) to what to do to keep older readers engaged and interested in trying new genres to an old-fashioned bookmobile that has today’s students pumped.

But I want to know from you–what do you do to help foster a real love of reading? How do we make kids lifelong readers? Share your tips and tricks–and listen to us talk about them on WJR NewsTalk 760 on February 9th at 7 p.m. We can all learn something along the way!


May Show Gives Parents the Tools to Inspire Summer Reading


On the May edition of the Voices of Michigan Education, we’ll talk about how to get your kids to read again, especially this summer. Has reading become a lost part of childhood? Has technology taken over a child’s willingness to read a book?

The latest MEAP tests show that math scores are up, but reading scores are not improving at the level the state needs to make our graduates competitive members of the work force. This summer is a good time to start instilling the “need to read” in our children.  

On this month’s show we’ll hear from those leading reading programs across the state and the country that are really working – from Washington, D.C. with Anita Marino who will discuss the NEA’s Read Across America program to Farmington where teacher Josh Wells inspired his middle school to read 10,000 books in one year to Grand Rapids and Judy Johnson who’ll share information on the phenomenally successful GRASP correspondence program. You’ll also hear about a unique Grosse Pointe schools reading initiative where teachers are helping their students fall in love with reading all over again.

We’ll share some great ideas for parents too, who are looking for new ways to get their children to read all summer long. That’s the Voices of Michigan Education, a show this month that ‘reads like a book,’  at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 12 on Newstalk 760, WJR in Detroit and on Saturday May 16 across the state (see affiliate list on the right).