2009 Podcast Archive

Please note: the podcast of the full shows are large files so please be patient while the audio file is loading, this could take up to one minute to start.

December 8th—It’s a Season of Giving for MEA Members

November 10th—Has the Internet Made Parent-Teacher Communication More or Less Effective?

October 13, 2009—Lansing Debates The Future of Michigan’s Education

September 8th—When is Bigger not Better? Class Sizes

August 11th show—Who’s Paying for School Supplies?

July 14th—My Kids had Fun this Summer and it was Educational Too!

June 9th—How do teachers spend their summer vacation?

May 12th—Summer Reading Program

April 14th—Nutrition & Childhood Obesity Program

March 10th—Homelessness Program

February 3rd—Dropout Crisis Program

January 13th—Technology in the Classroom Program


3 Responses

  1. Michigan schools funding doubled when they began receiving monies from sales tax; they need to stop lying and deceiving the public about being ‘broke’.
    Schools need to get rid of their administrators. They need to hire administrators who work at a reasonable rate and let the public know that they don’t need to raise more taxes for pouring into the incompetent present school system.

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