Tune in to Voices of Michigan Education as we tap the wisdom of new retirees!

Thousands of Michigan teachers and other school employees retired this year–taking with them years of experience and expertise. But before they head off into retirement, several of them stopped by VOME to share their wisdom on what works in the classroom, what they might do differently and what needs to be done to help struggling schools and students. We’ll have some eye-opening conversations about the future of public school employees–and why now is the time to get involved in crafting your own profession. You’ll get a unique perspective on the state of education in Michigan–so tune in Tuesday, July 13th at 7 p.m. on WJR NewsTalk 760.


Tune in tonight when we discuss the”summer slide” and how to prevent it!

Students can lose up to a third of what they’ve learned over the summer—but there are ways to stop the summer slide and they can be a whole lot of fun. Join us tonight, June 8 from 7-8 p.m. on WJR when we hear great ideas from educators across the state, including Michigan’s newest Teacher of the Year. We’ll post some resources you can use with your own students–and we’d love to hear from you here–and on Facebook–about your own tricks of the trade. That’s tonight, on Voices of Michigan Education on WJR, NewsTalk 760.

Listen tomorrow: Michigan schools are going green!

The trend is growing–schools across the state are going green–and it’s saving them plenty of “green” along the way. On Tuesday night’s “Voices of Michigan Education,” we’ll show you the unique ways educators are using eco-friendly initiatives to teach students and protect their local environment. You’ll hear from one of the newest schools to win the “Green Schools” designation, find out what it would take for your school to achieve that honor and learn about grant money and programs available to help you with everything from curriculum to solar energy projects!

“Voices of Michigan Education” airs tomorrow on WJR Newstalk 760 from 7-8 p.m. and on Saturday on stations across the state. See the home page at http://www.mea.org/radio for a complete listing! And as always, let me know what you think–is “going green” in your future?

Sure, we can teach them to read, but how do we get them to LOVE it?

Are the students in your life bibliophibians or bibliophobians? Do they read because they have to or because they love to? February’s “Voices of Michigan Education” tackles all things reading related–from helpful new resources for struggling readers (remember The Electric Company? They’re all new, and they’re on our show) to what to do to keep older readers engaged and interested in trying new genres to an old-fashioned bookmobile that has today’s students pumped.

But I want to know from you–what do you do to help foster a real love of reading? How do we make kids lifelong readers? Share your tips and tricks–and listen to us talk about them on WJR NewsTalk 760 on February 9th at 7 p.m. We can all learn something along the way!

Who’s Paying for School Supplies?

school-suppliesOn our August Show, (across the state on August 15) we’re going to back to basics – classroom basics as we near the beginning –  believe it or not – of the 2009-2010 school year. Basics that many people take for granted. We’re talking about simple classroom supplies like, markers, pencils, notebooks, folders, and even coats – that many children and their parents cannot afford. And in these tough economic times, supplies that the schools themselves can no longer afford. So who’s filling the gap? In many cases, it’s the teachers. On average – chipping in $500 each out of their own pocket and for many, much more than that.

We’ll talk with teachers who have been giving more and more of their own resources to help out children (and school systems) who cannot afford these supplies and what needs to be done to rescue teachers already strapped financially themselves. We’ll also hear from a number of parent led and social service agencies which are raising money in the community and online.  All that on the latest edition of the Voices of Michigan Education. We hope you join us.

Some helpful links

The following organizations profiled on the Voices of Michigan Education are working to make a difference in collecting schools supplies for the upcoming school year. You can help by participating by clicking on the links or participating at the stores below.

Operation Kid Equip

Salvation Army of Washtenaw County

School Supply Drop Off Locations

Ann Arbor:

  • Batteries Plus, 3120 Packard
  • Benz Insurance, 3101 E. Eisenhower Parkway
  • Cartridge World, 893 W, Eisenhower
  • Community Auto Wash, 1910 S. Industrial Highway
  • KMart, 215 N. Maple Road
  • Suburban Chevrolet Cadillac of Ann Arbor, 3515 Jackson Road
  • Varsity Ford, Jackson Road


  • KMart, 3100 Washtenaw Ave

National Web Sites Raising School Supply Donations



How do Teachers Spend their Summer Vacation?


So, what are YOU doing this summer? Are you preparing to “run” the Grand Canyon to raise money for charity, will you serve in the reserves as an Army officer? How about a trip to Guatemala to improve your Spanish, or could you be working with an AIDS orphanage in Uganda? Maybe not, but these activities are exactly how teachers across the state are spending their summer “vacations” this year. On the June edition of the Voices of Michigan Education, you’ll hear from nine different educators who have chosen some incredible and meaningful ways to spend their summers. If you think you know what your children’s teachers do during their summer break, I guarantee you’ll have a different perspective at the end of the next edition of the Voices of Michigan Education. Join us to be inspired and maybe dispel some of those notions that, as one teacher told me this week, that they sit around the pool all summer.

You can hear the show on Tuesday evening, June 9 at 7 p.m. on Newstalk 760 WJR and on Saturday, June 13 across the state on the Michigan Radio Network