How do Teachers Spend their Summer Vacation?


So, what are YOU doing this summer? Are you preparing to “run” the Grand Canyon to raise money for charity, will you serve in the reserves as an Army officer? How about a trip to Guatemala to improve your Spanish, or could you be working with an AIDS orphanage in Uganda? Maybe not, but these activities are exactly how teachers across the state are spending their summer “vacations” this year. On the June edition of the Voices of Michigan Education, you’ll hear from nine different educators who have chosen some incredible and meaningful ways to spend their summers. If you think you know what your children’s teachers do during their summer break, I guarantee you’ll have a different perspective at the end of the next edition of the Voices of Michigan Education. Join us to be inspired and maybe dispel some of those notions that, as one teacher told me this week, that they sit around the pool all summer.

You can hear the show on Tuesday evening, June 9 at 7 p.m. on Newstalk 760 WJR and on Saturday, June 13 across the state on the Michigan Radio Network