This week’s program re-airs Saturday

This week’s show featured discussion of childhood obesity being on the rise. Kids get less exercise and spend more time in front of TV and computer screens. So, how can we reverse the trend? If you missed Tuesday’s broadcast on WJR News Talk 760 AM the show airs statewide on Saturday—or you can listen here once the podcast is available. See side bar for News Talk Radio affiliates and times.


Tune in for Our March Show as VOME Tackles Child Homelessness

As the Michigan economy continues to slide, the issue of those least able to help themselves becomes a key problem for the state. Child homelessness in Michigan is at alarming rates and on our next program we’ll talk about what social service agencies and those who work in public education are doing about it.

We’d also love to air your concerns and solutions on the program. Let us know below what you would like to see done in Michigan to tackle this growing problem or share your own story.