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August 10th—The new school year is coming—but are students ready to learn?
We revealed tips and tricks to prevent everything from sleep deprivation to separation anxiety and show you the best way to get older students on track all on their own!

July 13th—Tapping the wisdom of retirees
Thousands of Michigan teachers and other school employees retired this year—taking with them years of experience and expertise. Listen to some eye-opening conversations about the future of public school employees–and why now is the time to get involved in crafting your own profession. 

June 8th—The “Summer Slide” and How to Prevent It
Students can lose up to a third of what they’ve learned over the summer—but there are ways to stop the summer slide and they can be a whole lot of fun.

May 11th—School Employee Sacrifices
Teachers and educational support professionals have given back and taken concessions so that students can continue to get a good education. This show highlights some of those sacrifices. 

April 13th—Green Schools
Learn about grant money and programs available to help you with everything from curriculum to solar energy projects!

March 9th—How Do You Use Technology in the Classroom
We previewed some projects from the MACUL student technology showcase and talked to educators about how high tech tools affect student learning.

February 9th—All Things Reading
From struggling readers to an old fashioned bookmobile–this show has it all!

January 12th—School Funding Summit
Overhaul a broken system

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  1. Hello! We would love to do a podcast on how the Michigan eLibrary (http://mel.org) is making a difference in education and would specifically like to share with your listeners about MORE in MeL, the Michigan Online Resources for Educators which is a portal of tens of thousands of curricular based resources that are aligned to the Michigan Content Expectations.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Deb Biggs Thomas
    Michigan Department of Education, Library of Michigan

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