When is Bigger not Better? Classroom size.


On the September edition of the Voices of Michigan Education, with school back in session, it’s no secret that budget cuts in education are forcing your child’s school to do more with less than they’ve had to in many years. But in the case of the classroom itself – is more taking away from the educational experience?

We discussed the rise in classroom size and whether it’s taking away from your  child’s ability to do quality work, to achieve and in some cases the ability to participate in a class with increasing behavioral issues. We talked with a teacher, researcher, economist, reading specialist and an outspoken school board member about the subject as we tackle many sides of this complex issue. Classroom size – a big issue for many school districts that has become a front and center concern amidst one of the worst state economies in decades.

That’s the September edition of the Voices of Michigan Education. Go to the Podcast section to download this edition.

Links to the Health and Education Research Operative Services (HEROS) extensive research on the subject of class size as mentioned on the program.


Their other websites are  www.reduceclasssizenow.org and www.national-class-size-database.org.